Classified Classifieds (steganography for command & control)

Ars Technica just ran a story about a Russian hacking group making botnets, and how they control them covertly.

There’s two parts to a successful botnet- you need the zombie (infected) hosts not to be detected too quickly, as they’ll then be cured. But you also need to be able to communicate with the bots in such a way that they don’t betray their own presence, and don’t leave a trail back to what is known as the C&C (Command & Control).

That middle bit is still very tricky, since by definition, you want to have an effect- perhaps a DDOS on a target, spamming, or distribution of more malware. If a DDOS, by definition, that’s going to be very noticeable by all concerned. But going from that to alerting the owner of the specific computer (or perhaps router, or printer) is slow. ISPs aren’t known for rapid action.

Even when you do get a message to the zombie’s owner, that’s one machine.

To really knock out the botnet, you need to get at the C&C. So where is it?

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