HexGame is a game for large screen display in a classroom, ideally on an interactive (touch-enabled) whiteboard.
Challenge your students to come up with answers to questions like “What does T in TCP/IP stand for?”, or “What R is a device that chooses where to send packets, according to a set of rules?”.

hexgame screetshot

You provide the questions, ones with single word answers, and set up the game board (click the ≡ icon in the bottom right for options), ready for two teams, or two players. You could play it as first to call out, or take it in turns.

The tech

This was a testbed project to see how pure SVG interfaces would be from a workflow/development angle. I used Inkscape to design the game board and other UI. I gave IDs to all the elements I knew I was going to want to interact with, and exported it as “optimised” SVG. In Inkscape, this means stripping out nearly everything that doesn’t contribute to the look.

This was then pasted in to a webpage between SVG tags, and plain JavaScript (and one small class manipulation library) used to add interactivity.